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 Early Voting
for the April 2, 2019 Election



Complete and submit the online  Application to Vote by Mail or call the Election Commission at (630) 407-5600; TDD: (630) 407-5631 to request a Vote by Mail Ballot Application. Complete and return the application  to the Election Commission as soon as possible.  Once available, the ballot will be mailed upon receipt of the completed application.  Click here to download the vote by mail application.

The form may be picked up from any DuPage County registration location as well.

The last day to mail a vote by mail ballot to a voter is the Thursday (5 days) prior to the election. 

Voted ballot must be postmarked by the day of the Election in order to be counted

Early Voting Information for the April 2, 2019 Election



What is Early Voting?

Developed in response to the Federal Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), the Early Voting initiative was passed by the Illinois legislature in August of 2005. It gives registered voters the opportunity to cast their ballot during an 18-day window before the official Election Day. It was first effective in DuPage County with the March 21, 2006, General Primary.

Is Early Voting the same as absentee voting?

No. Absentee voting applies to those who are unable to get to the polls on the day of an election for a variety of reasons, such as travel or illness. Under Early Voting, anyone who is an eligible voter can cast a ballot during the Early Voting period, for whatever reason, by visiting a designated Early Voting site and showing a valid government issued photo identification (usually a driverís license).

How does Early Voting work?

The registered voter drops by an Early Voting site (see list of Early Voting sites) and presents a valid government-issued photo ID card. Election workers then verify the voterís registration status through a central database at the DuPage County Election Commission. Once the voter has been validated, the database is updated to reflect it, which prevents the voter from voting at another location. Eligible voters are directed to an ATM-like device where they can cast their vote using a touchscreen. The actual vote will be tabulated once the polls close on Election Day.

Will the program be available for other DuPage County elections?

Early Voting is mandated for all future elections in DuPage County.

Where can I get more information about the program?

Voters interested in Early Voting can call the DuPage County Election Commission at 630-407-5600 or visit their website www.dupageelections.com for a complete list of early voting locations and updates on the Early Voting initiative.



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